Sunday, February 19, 2012

He Looked At The Question Paper::

::In It Written That::

Find What Each Letter Represent
And Explain
E\Psi=\hat H \Psi

What's This He Thought!!!
"Is It Hydrogen???"
"No Its Not!!"

"Then What??""
(He Thinks,.....
He Remembers That Today Is His Friend's Birthday.
They Had Arranged A Party For Him After Exam)

""Yeah. That's Why H Got A Hat In The Equation"""
""Yes, Its The Birthday Of 
 \hat{H} . And Its Happy Birthday""

(He Wrote It On The Paper And Passed His Eyes 2 Nxt Question)
! Day Methyl CH3 Went Out To Play!!!

His Mom Called Him!!

But "DI-METHYL EITHER" Came Back!!!


Bcoz Mom Called By Saying