Saturday, July 14, 2012

Class Room Jokes Again!!!

It was a chemistry class just after the Zoology Class of The 3rd chapter "HUMAN REPRODUCTION"...
Chemistry Teacher started with the SURFACE CHEMISTRY!
After discussing and explaining about ABSORPTION & ADSORPTION,
Teacher Asked
"What Do We Call If There Is Both Absorption And Adsorption Is Happening In A Process"

Some Replied.
Some Said..

After Some Times Some Back Benchers Yelled.....

"Its Nothing But


Check These!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

What We Get When We Divide 0 By 0???
Some Of The Exercises In The NCERT Chapter Continuity And Differentiability Ends With 0/0!!!
Its Exercise 5.1....
Whatever The Discussion Become Hot In Classroom!!
"Its infinity" someone said....
"no its not, think.... Suppose you have 0 toffees and you have to share it with 0 people... what would you do?? is it infinity??? Think"
His Argument Made Him Silent...
"you see if we divide any number with the same number may be its one ..."
"yeah 0/0 is One!!"
"No I'm Sure Its infinity" Some of the students who were standing back came to front by saying this...
At Last Teacher Came!
Someone On The First Bench Asked Him The Question!!
"Are You Studying In +2???" Teacher Asked!
He Went Out After Saying This!
What Happend?
Really What Is The Answer?
Who Knows?
"Check It In The Calculator" Someone Came Up With This Sparking Idea!
We Passed Our Fingers On The Calculated!
Answer Came Up On The Screen!
What May Be On The Screen?
a) 0?
b) 1?
c) Infinty?
d) MATH ERR.!!!!